Broker Compare Terms & Conditions


Main Assumptions

  • All trades are conducted online
  • All equity trades are UK-based, international equities are not included
  • Only costs paid to the operator are considered – fund management charges paid to asset management companies are excluded. Please be aware some operators have negotiated discounted fund charges for their clients on certain funds
  • If an ‘inactivity fee’ is applicable, this is contained within the ‘Platform Fee’
  • All charges are inclusive of VAT where applicable
  • Exiting is the same as transferring out
  • If not specifying any investment in equities, all assets are assumed to be in funds
  • If adding to investments annually or monthly and the user has an ISA or SIPP, investments in the ISA and SIPP will be in the same proportions as the initial upfront investment
  • The user will hold equities for an average of one year and funds for an average of two years
  • All holdings are projected to grow at a rate of 5% per year
  • Dividends are not re-invested
  • The tool works for trade sizes up to £100,000
  • Exit fees are calculated using an assumption for the number of investments which is: no of equity trades + (2*no. of fund trades)
  • The table is ranked from cheapest to most expensive



  • The tool does not cover every available broker, so there is no guarantee that the lowest cost provider identified by the tool will be the lowest cost provider overall. Other providers will be added as soon as possible however, and if you wish your provider to be added please contact us.
  • Black Swan Partners strives to produce the most accurate output possible, but the results are an estimate and should be treated as such
  • The results table is provided by Black Swan on a non-advised basis.  Black Swan Partners does not give or imply advice and the user is solely responsible for deciding whether the product is suitable for his/her needs.  If you are not sure what product is right for you, you should seek financial advice.
  • Black Swan Partners Ltd will not charge you for using this service but Black Swan Partners may receive commission from providers chosen by the user in the results table.
  • The results table links to a number of service provider websites, we are not responsible for the content on these websites.
  • Product data and financial technology is provided by Black Swan Partners
  • Please refer to Black Swan Partner’s privacy and terms of use for more information.
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