Case Study 1

Assessing the opportunity for a new product in the international gaming and entertainment sector

followersicon THE CHALLENGE

Our client is an international gaming and entertainment business that saw an opportunity to bring a UK-focused gaming product to an international audience.  Black Swan Partners were employed to estimate the potential market, consider the investment required and help the process of communicating the features of the new product to regulators and key customers.

taxicon THE ACTION

Black Swan Partners worked with the client to draw a road-map to launch, with milestones planned to allow termination of the project if potential gains did not justify the required investment. We carried out a detailed analysis of the market for the new product and reviewed the approaches of various regulators.  A prototype was built and with interest established, a 5 year cost/revenue model was developed for the business.


Our cost/revenue model demonstrated that although there was a potential market for the product, the investment required in marketing to attract new clients was significant. Without such an investment, there was a risk that revenue generated by the new product would come from existing clients, and would be largely offset by revenue lost from existing products. As a result, we recommended that the client not go any further with the new product – our honest analysis saved it £100,000s.