Case Study 4

Market sizing and segmentation for a start-up discretionary investment manager 

followersicon THE CHALLENGE

Wealthify, a start-up discretionary investment manager, wanted to identify the optimum target market for its UK-focused product.

taxicon THE ACTION

With a limited budget to work with, Black Swan Partners focused on existing data sources to build a picture of the market. BSP used customer segmentation analysis carried out by the FCA as a basis to segment the client’s target audience. It looked at key attributes of each customer persona and identified which could be addressed simultaneously to form a target market. BSP then analysed the data available, and cross-referenced it with data from other sources to produce comprehensive segmentation and sizing report.


The research document provided a detailed overview of the market conditions facing Wealthify including an outline of the current UK consumer market, an identification and analysis of target markets, a review of existing operators and a number of strategy recommendations. Wealthify had a clear view of the opportunity available to it, as well as a detailed picture of its target customer around which to build its brand and proposition before launching in April 2016.