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Broker Pricing White Paper

Price Comparison – Are Brokers Prepared To Be Compared?

The broker market has historically been neglected by major comparison sites, but niche providers such as show that broker comparison is possible, and the major sites will enter the market in the near future as they look to investment / fintech products as their next source of growth.


Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategic Steps and Tools – Feb 2015

Despite the FCA’s enthusiasm for social media however, it has explicitly not made any changes to the rules regarding financial promotions, which remain media neutral. Adding to regulatory confusion, many firms find it difficult to measure the ROI from social media, and are unsure how to use it effectively, and consequently few if any firms have made the most of the social media opportunity. This paper outlines the steps firms should take and the tools they can use to execute a social media strategy that delivers a meaningful return on investment.

Social Media Tools Summary Table

This summary table outlines the key functionality for the following social media management tool providers: Hootsuite, Spoutsocial, Oktopost and CrowdcontrolHQ. It takes into consideration the cost, the networks that can be managed on the platform, approval, individual login, archiving and analytics.

Summary of FCA Guidance Papers

FCA Social Media Guidance – Aug 2014

The FCA released proposed guidance on social media and client communications in August 2014. The most crucial point is that all financial promotions have to include prominent risk warnings, regardless of any character limits on the media used. However, the paper also reaffirmed that in order to be regulated a financial promotion has to be made ‘in the course of business.’

FCA Retail Investment Advice Guidance – July 2014

The FCA’s proposed guidance on retail investment advice, published in July 2014, reminds firms of the difference between regulated advice, under the Regulated Activities Order, and MiFID advice. Only MiFID advice requires the application of suitability rules, and in order to constitute advice under MiFID, the advice must be a personal recommendation


Social Investing White Paper

Addressing the Confidence Gap in Retail Investing – May 2014

The retail distribution review has increased the size of the ‘confidence gap’ for both experienced investors unwilling to pay for advice upfront and for novice investors who don’t have the understanding of financial markets, or the confidence in their understanding, to invest their savings. As a result, many investors are holding too much cash, and risking their financial future as a result.

Launching a Social Investing Platform – December 2014

In the modern, social and mobile-driven world, people are becoming more skeptical of professional advisers, and instead seek out the endorsements and advice of their network. This paper looks at how a social investing platform can work, including the key social functionality required, discussing how that functionality can fit within MiFID and FCA regulatory rules, and examines the ways that different types of firm can enter the market.

Mirror Trading and Social Media Marketing

Regulatory and Business Risks

Published Feb 2013 in conjunction with Reed Smith

Is social trading the next big thing or just another marketing channel for the retail derivatives industry and how is social media marketing going to develop in this sector? We believe that the impact of social trading could be significant however the role of regulation may be decisive.