Black Swan Projects


Black Swan Partners puts the client lifecycle at the centre of every project we work on. Our aim is to ensure every touchpoint delivers something for the client and the business, enhancing the experience and bringing lower cost per account, customer service efficiencies and improved revenue and profit margins. Unless our analysis shows a project will offer improvement in at least one of those areas, we won’t do it.



  • Market Research/Competitor Analysis: We understand the client experiences currently available in the market and identify deliverable improvements for both the client and the business
  • Business Concept: Formulate a product idea based on analysis which optimises the client experience
  • Initial Cost/Revenue Model: Black Swan Partners develops an objective model to properly quantify the opportunity and allow an informed decision to be taken on whether to pursue the project
  • Implementation Risk: Identify risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies that may affect development


  • Business requirements & user stories: As industry and client experience specialists, Black Swan Partners understands what your product needs to do and can communicate that clearly to developers
  • Prototype design & development: We have a partnership with UX agency Hanno, designers of the UK Uber app. Between us, we bring the product vision to life before sign off, which ensures a cutting edge product is agreed that can be accurately developed


  • Product Development: We can act as product owner during the development process with either internal or third party developers, taking the product to launch through iterative improvements
  • Measuring Success: We monitor the take-up of your product and use our analysis to secure your first mover advantage with improvements and enhancements that keep you ahead of the competition