CFD / Spread Betting


Black Swan Partners puts the client lifecycle at the centre of every project. We believe every interaction between the client should deliver something for both parties. This lifecycle approach helps lower the cost per account, delivers customer service efficiencies and improved revenue at the same time as enhancing the user experience for your clients and encouraging referrals and endorsements.



  • Process overview: We use our experience of running businesses in the sector to identify and address weaknesses in key business processes which cause inefficiencies or impact upon the client experience
  • Vendor selection: Black Swan Partners has extensive contacts with technology providers, media buyers and other agencies within the CFD sector and help businesses clarify their needs and pick vendors who fit their overall objectives and can become effective long term partners


  • Account opening: We develop simple and user-friendly onboarding processes and identify and integrate with verification partners to capture all the data you need for compliance purposes and get new clients trading faster
  • Mobile/tablet applications: Working with Hanno, our UX partners responsible for the design of the Uber’s UK app, we help you put your entire client experience where your clients are, wherever they are. We help develop apps that have market-leading functionality and are seamlessly integrated into your platform
  • Social functionality: We are experts in social trading, and can help you develop products that put you ahead of the competition, whether integrating social sentiment to help inform clients’ trading decisions or developing head to head trading or collaborative trading to boost referrals