Product Innovation and Regulation


Black Swan Partners puts the client lifecycle at the centre of every project. Every interaction with the client should deliver something for the client and the business. This lifecycle approach helps lower the cost per account, delivers customer service efficiencies and improved revenue at the same time as enhancing the user experience and delivering good customer outcomes that are a regulatory, and business, necessity.


  • Product Experience: Black Swan Partners has a long track record working in the retail financial sector, and as a business we have worked on projects helping exchanges, execution only brokers and CFD/FX providers
  • Specialists in Innovation: We help companies define a properly analysed commercial framework for service innovation which have good customer outcomes at their centre
  • Mobile and Social Led: We combine a client lifecycle led approach to mobile, tablet and web UX with an understanding of how to work within regulated environment to develop products centered around customer needs


  • Retail Investment Advice: Black Swan Partners gives firms clarity on functionality that can or cannot be offered on an execution only basis, as regulated advice but without requiring adherence to MiFID suitability requirements or as full advice
  • Use of Social Media in Finance: We help firms select social media channels for different types of financial promotions, image advertising and social engagement to maximise impact and remain entirely compliant with FCA regulations
  • Creating a Regulatory Edge: Black Swan Partners helps clients create a competitive advantage by responding to regulatory change quickly and with absolute confidence in their compliance