Social Media Strategies


Black Swan Partners puts the client lifecycle at the centre of every project we work on. Every interaction with the client should deliver something for the client and the business. This means creating and delivering a social media strategy which encourages existing clients to become social media ambassadors for the business, as FCA regulations on financial promotions do not apply outside the course of business. This approach lowers the cost per account, delivers customer service efficiencies and improved revenue at the same time as enhancing the user experience.



  • Industry and sector analysis identifying the top sources, blog references and sentiment, levels of influence and authority, engagement level, tweet volume and peak times for activity and top 100 hashtag analysis
  • Analysis of individual company and spokesperson influence and impact within news and traditional media
  • Search and SEO traffic and analysis – the building block of an effective social media strategy


  • We help firms choose social media sources for different types of financial promotions, image advertising and social engagement to maximise impact and remain compliant with FCA regulations


  • Develop a strategy to fit within the overall objectives of a company
  • SWOT analysis of company’s social media positioning and identification of optimum social media channels for it to achieve its objectives
  • Content strategy to develop a voice, build credibility, find an audience and engage key influencers


  • We work with the business to provide a ‘social media kick-start’ to generate a core group of followers across social media channels