Social Trading Specialists

Black Swan Partners specialise in social trading, helping existing operators navigate the associated business and regulatory risks and helping deliver the optimal business solution.

We have completed work for a range of clients including NYSE Euronext, LMAX and Paddy Power Trader and in early 2013 held a social trading seminar in partnership with Reed Smith law firm attended by 70 industry leaders. Our expertise is broken down into three key areas: Market understanding, company analysis and regulation.

Market Understanding

    • Break down and understanding of the component parts of social trading ranging from sharing client sentiment indicators through to automated copying
    • Knowledge of the current social trading providers and networks and the current business and regulatory environment
    • Understanding the business requirements to deliver an effective, optimised social trading solution


        • Understanding the regulatory constraints of the different stages of social trading, how these impact operators and how best to work within them

Company Analysis

      • Analysis of what social trading can deliver to an operator including improved cost per account (CPA), increased trade volumes and client life time value
      • Review of existing company trade flow including breakdown of client performance to determine optimum social trading approach and how to profit from the flow
      • Identification of suitable products and partners to deliver social trading components and working with internal teams to deliver core components
      • Review of suitable devices to optimise social trading approach including PC, tablet, phablet and phone
      • Clarify social trading approach and impact on existing white label/b2b relationships and opportunities social trading can create

so·cial trad·ing [soh-shuhl][treyd-ing] (noun)

the act of facilitating the communication and sharing of individual and aggregated trade data via a network and allowing manual or automated trading decisions to be made based on this information.

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