Social Investing

The Social Investing Opportunity

Modern consumers are both naturally distrustful of professional advisers and, following the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), often unable to justify the expense of advice. The result is that many people are under investing in risk based assets due to a lack of awareness and confidence in them. Social investing can tackle this advice gap, as investors become more familiar with the products available to them by becoming more aware of the investment decisions taken by trusted friends, family members and colleagues.

Deliver a Social Investing Solution

Black Swan Partners can work with operators to develop a social investing proposition that will improve the investing experience of your retail clients and increase assets under management.

Download our White Paper on Social Investing

Black Swan Partners’ white paper on social investing highlights the confidence gap that prevents many potential clients from investing in risk-based assets and considers the size of the market affected by the confidence gap. It shows how wealth managers, investment platforms and others can use social elements such as client profiles and sharing of investment portfolios to accelerate the understanding of investors. The introduction of social elements is the best way to harness the power of referrals and dramatically lower the cost of client acquisition. Evidence from the retail CFD sector, where social trading is much more established, suggests that the typical social trading client brings 2 more clients with them.

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